Sunday, 25 January 2009


Today i have b een playing with my camera and i took a picture of this angel [ reminds me of me ] hehe, i coloured her in using my whispers i still cannot get the hang of them, but i am getting better.

It still lookes a little bit juttery but i am getting better [ i hope ]


Hi ya,
how do i start just lately i have been feeling sorry for my self i felt that no one wanted to know me so the first thing i did i stopped doing my blog, i meen why do it in my mind i was wasting my time.
I went to our craft-club [ sticky-fixers ] oh a couple of weeks ago and i must say i got a megger ear bashing of Maddy and yes she made me see that i was been very silly.
Well i have licked my wounds and i am going to start again blogging that is.

Before i start firstly Maddy thankyou yes i did listen to you Rachel you are great and Kalvin what can i say but thankyou. You see i do listen [ not often ] but i do.

Love Val xxxxxxxx